About nuMedia Innovations

Creative Technology and Solutions for a Changing World

What We Love

We create interactive experiences designed to engage customers and employees by developing products and solutions that deliver a unique experience to your target audience.

Creative business team putting hands together at the office


Who we are

  • Experienced: With over 100 years of collective experience in projects ranging from directing and coding the Madden and NCAA Football franchises to Grammy nominated audio projects, our senior team can create stunning products or experiences for practically any situation.
  • Creative: Not just technically talented, nearly all nuMedia staff members also possess training and talents in a creative field. From 3D animation and hand drawn art, to audio design and video production, our team brings more than just technical know-how to the table!
  • Agile: Technology changes quickly and so can we! While we all like to plan ahead, changes do not slow us down and problem solving is our stock and trade. Our small team is quick, adaptive and able to adjust quickly and easily to the needs of our clients.
  • Cost Effective: Fast, effective integration is not easy and often very expensive. With nuMediaInnovations, you are not going to break the bank. Creative development is what we do and our approach is designed to save you money by increasing the return on your investment now and in the future.

Meet Our Team Leaders

 With over 100 years of collective experience in multimedia, our senior design team can create stunning visuals.

Chuck Rinker


Idea Guy



Ray Winters


Mr. Do It Now!



Rob Murphy


Electron Wrangler



Kristin Icenhour

Project Manager

Chief People Wrangler