Leveraging cutting edge AR, VR and Mixed Reality

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nuReality™ is a cross-platform, completely immersive Virtual Reality (VR) collaborative design and training platform.  nuReality™ provides a unique collaborative environment in which sales personnel, designers, engineers, and clients can work together in real-time to create anything from interior design elements and architectural projects to virtual training and interactive engagements.

What can nuReality™ do for you?

  • Shared 3D collaborative environment
  • Immersive Logging of all interactions
  • Provides previsualization to full teams, in real-time
  • Works across different AR/VR/Display/Mobile Platforms
  • Training and Design Applications
  • Designers, Engineers, Sales and Clients share a common environment


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If your goal is to streamline design and shorten the “concept to closing” sales pipeline or to increase the effectiveness of current training, all while providing a great client experience,  then it is time to take a closer look at nuReality™.

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nuPortal™ is available in a wide variety of sizes and custom devices are available. From small footprint table top models, to full-sized 10-feet tall window like displays, nuPortal™ provides a wide variety of options to optimize the system for your business’ specific needs.

Talk to one of our representatives today, to find out more about the unique display capabilities of nuPortal™.


nuPortal™ is a unique offering from nuMedia Innovations that allows three-dimensional viewing of an object without goggles or any external device! Using this display allows viewers to see an object through a “portal” or window like view, complete with all the proper parallax and perspectives of a 3D object viewed through our digital window. No matter what the scene, object or animation, nuPortal™ provides a unique view for products, presentations and floor displays. This captivating display works with any 3D scene and can be fully customized with background images and interactive designs to provide one of the more unusual and engaging viewing experiences, currently available. Add some of the optional features, such as facial recognition and you have a 3D display device that can responded and present demographically targeted material. Add optional interactive elements, and users can interact with the fully 3D scene in a simple and realistic manner.

Why nuPortal™?

  • Display full 3D objects and scenes in a 2D display
  • No VR hardware required!
  • No additional software required
  • Demographic specific advertising and product scenes
  • Optional Interactive designs
  • Optional data/Lead capture devices


Looking for a fun and engaging way to attract attention and share your branding in a fun and engaging way? Then take a look at nuReflection™. This one of a kind device creates an AR (Augmented Reality) display without the need for a mobile device or goggles!

This attractive mirror is really an augmented reality display system. It is trigged when any predetermined marker, such as a logo, color, persons face, or just about anything else, appears in front of the mirror. A custom animation, video or other marketing message is then overlaid on the display, leading to some very intriguing possibilities.

For example, a sports fan wearing a team logo on their shirt approaches what appears to be a normal mirror, then suddenly the logo springs to life and a fun animation is overlaid on the reflection. This fun and innovative display system is sure to attract lots of attention for casual passersby and in-store viewers alike!

Why nuReflection™?

  • Attract attention in a fun and memorable manner
  • Simple, nearly maintenance free operation
  • Remote upgradability and content management
  • Simple set up and operation
  • Customizable and interactive options


Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, nuReflection™ is a feature Augmented Reality display that is sure to catch the attention and imagination.

Have more than one brand? No worries, the nuReflection™ system is smart enough to respond to hundreds of different logos, objects and even specific faces (facial recognition requires the optional facial recognition package).

With so many possibilities at such an affordable price, it is no wonder that nuReflection™ are popping up in so many places.



To find out more about what Window Shopper™ can do for your business, just give us a call.

Window Shopper™

Window Shopper™ is a unique projected touch display system that can be added to any store front glass, with touch features that actually work through the glass! With all of the amazing flexibility of a computer touchscreen,  Window Shopper™ is a great way to engage your customers!

Whether you are looking for a new and interesting way to engage customers or for a great way to “be open” after your regular business hours, Window Shopper™ provides 24/7 access to customers who might have missed you when you were open. Create a customized experience or just access to your website, the possibilities of Window Shopper™ are almost endless. These unique displays catch the eye, promote your products and merchandise, not to mention becoming the after-hours sales person you never knew you needed!

Combine Window Shopper™ with your store app, or get creative and integrate a virtual personality, powered by PRSONAS, and you have a truly unique and engaging display that helps drive even more business to your store.

Why Window Shopper™?

  • Open 24/7
  • Engage customers you might have missed!
  • Collect Analytics from potential clients
  • Demographic specific advertising displays
  • Control your messaging
  • Available online ordering system
  • Integrate with your website, apps and more.

Window Shopper™ is available in sizes from 32 inches to over 120 inches, and installs in just one day. Window Shopper is also available in a self-contained, transportable system, great for trade shows and conferences! With its multi-touch projected capacitance system, Window Shopper™ is impervious to weather conditions (well maybe not tornados or hurricanes) and the robust touch-film will function reliably for many years. Optional content management and support packages means you will never worry about your investment.