Creating New Brand Experiences

AR and VR: The future of Brand engagement

If you are looking for a new and unique way to present impactful experiences for your brand, then let us introduce you to Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR). This technology delivers a unique and intriguing visual impact that grabs and keeps people's attention! The power of AR allows for anything from interactive presentations to immersive gaming. There is almost no limit to the applications that you can create with this technology. We will be happy to show you how!

The Power of Augmented & Virtual Reality



The fight for mindshare is more competitive than ever. Augmented and Virtual Reality is the next wave of engagement that can propel your brand above the rest.



In marketing, data is everything. AR/VR applications provide amazing insights into your users and customers. Understand their behaviors, wants, and needs on a whole new level.


Experience Augmented & Virtual Reality

AR/VR in Promotional Games

So how does the exciting new technology help your brand? What value does it bring to the table? Getting a brand noticed is one thing, connecting your customers to your brand is another. Promotional applications engage your clients and prospects on a visceral level, helping to create not just awareness but creating a real engagement and attachment to your brand, a bond, if you will. Our goal is to keep you "top of mind" with your clients and customers, using this fun and exciting technology!

A few examples of AR/VR Promotional Games:

  • Arizona Ice Tea Soda Shaq (video below)




Promotional Apps & Sales Aids

AR/VR can be a powerful presentation tool and sales aid, enabling sales staff to present materials and catalogs in a new and compelling fashion. One of the most powerful uses is as a “live” product catalog, allowing the salesperson to present materials as a virtual overlay on the actual environments in which they are to be placed.

Applications of AR/VR Apps as Sales Aids:

  • Interactive Demonstration Apps that go beyond "presentation" and bring "Nu" meaning to interactive presentations, creating a unique and intriguing way of making a pitch or creating excitement around a product.  
  • The Charlotte Hornets commissioned the nuMedia Team to create a VR piece that allows ticket buyers to preview how the court will look from the seats they are choosing. Instead of just an old fashioned two-dimensional map, customers can see their seats from the perspective of being in the actual arena! 
  • ABB: NMI created an AR application that allowed salespersons to demonstrate their large-scale power substations on a tabletop using a mobile device. The app allowed users to display different components of the substations. The app resulted in a 40% increase in conversions, when compared to sales interactions without the application.

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