Event Experience

Get Noticed! Be Remembered!

Our Event Tech offers new and intriguing ways to engage visitors and potential clients at your events. We offer technology from simple kiosk systems to revolutionary engagement devices using the latest in beacon technology, AR/VR and mobile applications as well as unique custom hardware and software solutions.

The Power of Experiential Event Technology



Tradeshow and event attendees aren't engaged by simple videos.  Interactive experiential technology is able to grab any person's attention in a crowded trade show floor or event.



Just getting someone's attention isn't enough. Your technology solutions need to be impactful enough to leave a lasting impression and increase sales.


Applications of Experiential Event Technology

Beyond Engagement

At nuMedia we like to keep it fun. You can show a person a million images and videos, but having fun makes an event unforgettable! Whether you are playing high-tech "Hide and Seek" with one of our event apps or just want to drive more traffic to your booth, we offer creative solutions for making your event one to remember! Greet, engage, gather analytics AND have fun. Call today to find out more about creative technology solutions for customer engagement!



interactive Displays

Put simply, interactive displays allow the user to not only see the content you are delivering, it allows them to manipulate and interact with the content, creating a much higher level of engagement. Touch screens, gesutre control systems and real-time interactivity with data are just a few of the ways we create unique human interfaces with digital systems.

Applications of Interactive Displays at Events:

  • Tradeshow Games
  • Interactive Info Kiosks
  • Real-time data manipulation
  • Entertainment
  • Data Capture
  • Analytics


Event apps are a unique way to engage visitors attending your events. These digital applications are a convenient way to communicate schedules, provide “wayfinding” and engage the attendees in new and unique ways. Event apps might include games for engagements, provide timely information or even customize a personal event schedule, helping to make each visitor’s event unique and fun. In addition to all of this, event apps can capture critical analytics, informing the event host of patterns and attendee usage of various engagements during the events, and that means a better return on your time and money.

Applications of "Event Apps":

  • Scheduling
  • Check-In
  • Wayfinding
  • “Event Games” 
  • Information Broadcasts
  • Data capture
  • Attendee engagement via games and contests


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