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Beyond Vision

nuMedia Interactive Design technology runs the gamut from touchscreens to fully engageable holographic projections to truly interactive interior designs and implementations. With our extensive hardware and software experience, we can create turnkey systems that are fun, memorable, and exciting. 

The Power of Interactive Design



Grab your audience's attention, keep it, and engage with them in a whole new way.  From interactive interior design to display technology, great design leads to great experiences.



Today's interactive technologies can provide amazing insights into your users and customers. Understand their behaviors, wants, and needs on a whole new level.


Applications of Interactive Design

MApped Projections and Holographic Displays

These engaging creations are always eye catching and as you can see, offer a unique way to engage customers and potential customers alike.

Holographic Displays and Mapped Projections can be used for:

  • Booth attendants at trade shows
  • Wayfinding at events
  • Half-time Events
  • Customer engagement
  • FUN!!!


Technology is changing and having a profound effect on the way we live our lives. Welcome to the next generation of interior design. Our interactive Interiors offer more connectivity, more variety and a lot more ways to customize the environments in which we work, play and thrive. Learn more about how nuMedia Interactive Interiors can bring more of everything to the way you live!


What is an Interactive Interior? Simply stated, interactive interiors are a combination of interior design and interactive computing designed to give you more control of your environment, provide more information and create a seamless junction of IoT computing and the way you want to live your life.

Applications of Interactive Interiors:

  • nuReflection Smart Mirrors:  Don't just brush teeth. Prepare for the day with information, calendar reminders and more.
  • Privacy and color changing walls
  • Smart Assistants
  • Game Rooms
  • Fully Interactive Teleconferencing
  • Customized Room Decor, and much more...


Like any other quality design and user experience, Interactive Interiors starts with a grand concept. We begin by asking the most basic of questions, "What do we want to accomplish with this design?", "Who is going to see this?" "How will people interact with this design?"  Sounds simple, right? But without asking it is hard to come up with right plan.  Once we determine the What, When, When, and How, it is on to the conceptual design phase, demonstrated here with some concepts we designed for Krispy Kreme.



Unlike a lot of design companies, nuMedia likes to be very hands on each and every project. Our team of engineers and designers also happen to be some pretty handy folks with a lot of practical skills. So why does this matter? Well, no matter how well a design is conceptualized and planned there are some vagaries that require on-site assessment and possibly some redesign on the fly, improvisation if you will, and that simply must be done in person. When you choose nuMedia for your Interactive Interiors, you are going to receive not just amazing design, you are going to get true craftsmen that choose to see their projects through from start to finish.


So, your project is done! It sure looks impressive and it is working just like it is meant to. So, what happens in the not too distant future when it is time to upgrade or change some elements? Never fear! Our designs are often built around remote accessibility. When content needs to change, the software needs to be upgraded, or you need to capture different data and/or aesthetics, nuMedia has you covered. We build our designs to change with the times, wherever possible. 


Interactive Interior Technology Guide